Senior Sales Director Julianne Olson

• Julianne began working her business 4-6 hours a week in May 2013 so she could earn an extra $1,000 per month so she could move out of her parents’ house! At the time, she had just started her full time career in marketing.

• She earned her first career car, as a consultant, 8 months later in January 2014. She then debuted as a Sales Director in May 2014 on her 23rd birthday!!

• After earning her first car as a consultant in January 2014, Julianne led her unit to earn the Chevy Equinox in May 2014, a BMW in June 2014, and then the prestigious PINK Cadillac in September 2014!!!!

• Julianne currently has 1 offspring sales director. Tara Olson, Julianne's mom, debuted as a sales director on September 1, 2014. Tara currently drives a Chevy Cruzes compliments of Mary Kay, however she will soon be an Equinox driver and then on to her Pink Cadillac!!

• Julianne's highest commission check to date excluding sales, was $11,197 in one month! Julianne has earned a black and white diamond ring for completing all 3 new director challenges, making her a Triple Crown achiever and she was ranked as the #1 director in her debuting class, for which she was given a 13-carat Topaz ring!! These are just the first of many diamonds to come in her career! She completed the $350,000 Circle of Achievement in July 2015, earning her a $1,000 bonus, a diamond bar pin, and a plaque to go in her office! Julianne was ranked #5 in Sapphire Seminar for National Court of Sharing! Her rewards was a beautiful 14k gold and diamond Bumble Bee pin!

• Julianne left from her full-time position in May 2014 to build her business with Mary Kay full time. Her reason and passion for working her business is to be able to build a life of choices for her future family, she wants to give back to others, and empower women to create a life of choices regardless of where they are in their life or career. Her greatest joy is seeing her consultants reach their goals!

  • Julianne’s goal for her unit for Seminar 2020 is to debut 7 new offspring sales directors, to grow to 250 consultants in her Pink Spotlight unit, and to be a prestigious Million Dollar Circle of Excellence Unit!! Julianne and her unit will be recognized for these achievements at Seminar in Dallas, Texas in August 2020.

• Her biggest supporters are her incredible parents Tara and Eric Olson, and of course her fur child Patch!!